Custom Poems

Back in 2015, Dharma discovered an old typewriter at a church garage sale for $15 and bought it, vowing to one day do something great with it. They first had the opportunity to sell custom poems at The Greenhouse on Porter, where they sold a unique poem to each individual based on whatever topic a person chose for $5. Dharma has continued to write and sell custom poems. On Saturday, May 18th, 2019, Dharma will be writing custom poems for free for the art collective: Under the Flower Moon in Kiln, MS.

Visual Art

Breaking Bricks, Building Homes

Dharma worked for months and months on a series of paintings manifesting their need to 'build a home within themself.' This series in particular is abstract mixed media made from acrylic paint, oil pastels, pencil marks, old construction ledgers, and building plans. Dharma has worked with mixed media abstract pieces centered on self-love since their teen group art show at The Greenhouse on Porter in 2016 and plans on continuing to do so over the years in various ways.

Visual Art

Watercolor Portraits + Poems

Years ago Dharma started a project to draw + watercolor a series of portraits of their friends and write poems over top of the portraits. Dharma Has since had to stop this project, but they hope to restart soon.

Visual Art

Custom Buttons

Dharma's high school art teacher, Carmen Lugo, taught them the art of button making! Dharma learned to make regular sized buttons and large sized buttons (the large size not only have a pin to attach to clothing, but also a stand for displaying!) over their years of art class. Here are some of the buttons they have made for fun or as commission pieces.

P.S. Many of the photos posted in this set are of finished designs that had not yet been put in the button casing. Sorry about that!