Custom Poems

You can e-mail Dharma through the 'Contact Dharma' page on this website and request a custom poem for $5 + shipping. This can be typed up and snail mailed or scanned in and e-mailed. Contact Dharma with any questions or concerns.

Illustrative Custom Portraits

On the 'Portfolio' section of this website, you can see the Watercolor Portraits + Poems section, in which Dharma created illustrative portraits of their friends and typed poems over the finished portraits with their typewriter. If you so wish, you can commission Dharma to create a watercolor portrait of you or one of your loved ones! Go to the 'Contact Dharma' section of this website and choose your favorite method of communication to touch base with them!

Custom Made Button

Dharma learned how to hand make pins from their high school art teacher, Carmen Lugo. They have loved creating custom buttons for their friends and family members. If you have a great idea for a custom button, whether it be a portrait or a poem or an animal or another design, go to the 'Contact Dharma' section of this website and shoot Dharma a message with your idea! They will get back to you as soon as possible with time/price estimates.

Artist in Action

Dharma does their best to live to create, rather than to be stagnant. Dharma will be attending Tulane University in Fall of 2019 as a Theatre and Digital Media Production double major, in addition to taking some art classes (hopefully in new exciting mediums such as ceramics or glass blowing). They are so excited that you took time out of your day to look at their website and check out their art. Dharma has spent their whole life wanting to create new, awe-inspiring art.

Dharma wants to remind everyone out there that art should be freeing and not restrictive; and that, YES!!! art can and WILL be less than awe-inspiring sometimes, and that's okay! The nature of the craft is that much of the time there will be mediocre work, but that is what makes creating so exciting... your art could be so much more than mediocre if you really explore various mediums and techniques.

Remember to always do strange things in the name of art.

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